Z’den sonra ne gelir

sıralamada z den sonra ne gelirin cevabı…

Characters that sort after Z in Finder (in sort-order)

  • z Lower case Z
  • ι Greek letter
  • Ι Greek letter, capital version of above character, not an “I”)
  • Ω Omega
  • 一 Japanese Character? (Thanks, Jam)
  • 口 Japanese character? (Thanks, Jam)
  • 末 Japanese character “End” (Thanks, Jam)
  •  (a private use character) (Thanks, Peter O.)

These are characters others here and in other places on the web, mentioned sort after Z, but that I found DO NOT sort at the end, at least when sorting by name in Finder on Mac:

† ∆ ~ – ſ [ ø ■ |

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